Project Description

Hot Glue Labeling Machine

This labeling machine is a fully-automatic linear-type machine for hot melt labeling, which is suitable for different container sizes and round bottle shapes. The system features high labeling accuracy with low glue consumption.
Changeovers to different containers or labels are effected quickly and easy.
All modified adjustments are easily reproducible.The labeling machine is easily to operate, to clean and to maintain and is very economic thanks to its high reliability.

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Adopt new technology design, human-machine interface, simple and clear, humanized operation mode.
Exterior is compact , excellent and frame is novel , Particular, repair is easy Electron influence for film-feeding is placidly, film –changing is quickly.
Using isothermal sealing and cutting knife .The seal’s intensity is cooling sealing & cutting knife 3 times and the use life is above cooling sealing & cutting knife 80 times.
Speed regulation of transport systems by frequency variation, the transmission action is precise and synchronic.
The shrinkage chamber uses centrifugal thermal air circulation system, configuration is logical, heat insulation heat preservation, thermostat precision is high and the packing effect is better.
During the product forward conveying process. It can automatically group the product in to package, so as to save time and enhance packing efficiency.
The idea model of middle-speed heat-shrinking packager in the domestic market. Simple operation, and convenient maintenance.