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PET Blow Molding Machine

FG series bottle blowing machine, whose single-mold speed can reach 2500~3000BPH. FG series bottle blowing machine include three model right now: FG4 (4-cavity),FG6(6-cavity),FG8 (8-cavity), and the max speed could be 15000BPH.
High-speed machine FGX series blow molding machine, single-mode speed can reach 2500~3000BPH. FGX series blow molding machine currently includes three models: FGX4 (4 cavities), FGX6 (6 cavities), FGX8 (8 cavities), the maximum speed can reach 20000BPH.

inquiry Ms. Christina

We will assign the company’s best salesperson Ms. Christina serve you. Ms. Christina is the sales manager.
She has more than 10 years of experience in the PET blow molding machine industry. She speaks fluent English and Spanish and will communicate with you without any obstacles.
This lady’s sales The amount has exceeded 80 million U.S. dollars and has served the United Kingdom, Germany, Romania, Poland, Hungary, Spain, Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Algeria, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Côte d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Congo, Zambia, Australia, Cambodia, Customers from the United States, Mexico, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Argentina and other countries have a total evaluation service of 9 stars.
Any questions communicated with customers can be responded to within 30 minutes.
At the same time, any questions about our products can be contacted by the CEO of our company figo hussian, figo hussian’s response time is within 1 hour

inquiry Ms. Christina

Features of our company’s PET blow molding machine :
1. Host Machine: The model is exquisite and compact, and it occupies a small area, suitable for small plant
2. Compared with traditional linear blow molding machine, it can save 45% energy
3. The distance between the blowing valve and the sealing cylinder is very small, which saves 30% of the compressed air compared with the traditional linear blowing machine.
4. Quick mold change, average 20 minutes mold change, saving time.
5. The temperature and time of the blowing process parameter can be saved in PLC, saving adjustment time.
6. High precision, very stable, less wearing parts, follow-up maintenance cost saving more than 80%
7. The injection rate is within 0.3% of the industry standard.
8. Preform feeding system: double-stage preform feeding, because the preform channel is made of solid aluminum profile, so it eliminates the problems of jamming and deformation.
9. Oven heating: equipped with air circulation and waste heat discharge devices, using infrared heating, cooling and independent control of the preform, and special protection for the mouth of the bottle in conjunction with the oven.
10. Variable pitch: Servo drive system is used to make the action more precise, and the pitch is adjusted from 38.1mm to 84.3mm to maximize the utilization of the oven.

After Sales Service:
1.Installation, debug We will arrange seasoned technician for debug and test production at the same time make the equipment reach the rated producing capacity of the line.
2. Training
Our company offer technology training to customer. The content of training is structure and maintenance of equipment, control and operation of equipment. After training, the technician of buyer could master the operation and maintenance, could adjust the process and treat different failures.
3.the Standard service
1’We can send you the video of the running machine.
2’You are welcome to come to visit our factory,and see the machine running.
4.We can design the machines according your requirements,at the same time we will give you our professional suggestion,as you know,we have been in this industry for 22 years.
5.well-trained & experienced staff are to answer all your inquiries in English and Chinese
6 .12 Months guarantee and life-long technical support.
7.Your business relationship with us will be confidential to any third party.
8. Good after-sale service offered, please get back to us if you got any questions

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