One leaf falls and you know the world is autumn,

Cold Dew is heavy and passionate.

In October when autumn is strong,

It’s time to travel.

The epidemic outside is rising,

Let’s play at local park!

The autumn colors of Zhangjiagang,

There is always a hue that can arouse your desire to walk,

There is always a piece of land that can tempt your picky toes.

Let’s play with the niche’s autumn meaning!

Bunny jump

At 9 o’clock in the morning, with the warm morning sun, everyone gathered on the lawn. Although the sun is very warm, everyone’s body hasn’t warmed up yet, so the host led, accompanied by cheerful music, and everyone jumped on the shoulders of the person in front. Although it is just a few simple steps, there is also a simple happiness.

After a simple warm-up activity, it’s time to prepare lunch. Under the arrangement of the host, everyone was divided into a cooking group, a vegetable preparation group, a helper group, a dishwashing group, and a serving group. lunch. Earthen stove and big pot of rice, everyone worked together, well-fed, and this meal is more meaningful.

After lunch, it is a free time for rest. Those who have enough energy choose to stroll around the garden for a while to appreciate the beauty of Zhangjiagang in early autumn; others choose to take a short rest and three or five people sit at the table. Side, or small talk, or game. At one o’clock in the afternoon, after a short break, at the call of the host, everyone gathered on a lawn and started the afternoon group activities. The host divided everyone into four teams and launched the five competitions of “Working Together”, “Relay”, “Blindfolded Relay”, ” Hamster” and “Tug of War”. Although it is a competition, everyone holds the attitude of “friendship first, competition second”, and the competition is full of laughter.

Work together



Tug of war

After finishing the competition of five teams, under the guidance of the host, everyone took a rope and formed a circle. With everyone’s strength, they supported three weights of 80 Jin, 120 Jin and 160 Jin. Jin’s people walked on the rope and challenged everyone to insist on using the rope to make 200 laps together. Maybe everyone knows the meaning of moving and unity, but this team building really made me understand, experience, and appreciate what is moving and unity. Everyone in the team is very important, and only when everyone works together to achieve the final desired result. The same is true at work. Only by working together, helping each other, and working together to solve problems when encountering problems, nothing is impossible.

After realizing the meaning of the team, self-reflection is also very important. When faced with the rollover of names, are you panicking~~? In fact, this is a surprise for everyone from the company! When the cake was pushed up, the blessing song of “Happy Birthday” also rang, sending birthday wishes to colleagues who failed to celebrate their birthday at the company this year!

After this team building activity, I believe that everyone deeply felt the importance of the team, and everyone played a different protagonist in the team. As long as everyone works together, there are no difficulties and problems that cannot be solved. I believe that with everyone’s joint efforts, our company will become more and more successful.