Before the Dragon Boat Festival, FAYGO’s Friends organized a series of group building activities, let us take you to have a look ~!
Happy Dragon Boat Festival
Pack a dumplings together ~!
First of all, the Dragon Boat Festival, naturally is indispensable to the link of dumplings, FAYGO also closely prepared for you to make dumplings of food, called the partners together to make a dumplings bar ~!
Ice breaking activity “Together 1, 2, 3”

Relaxed and enjoyable ice-breaking activities can make our mood more relaxed. After a warm-up ice breaking activity, the following is officially into our game link!

“Body Scan” of the Dragon Boat Festival Group Building Activity

Through the first game, I believe you have learned that in order to win the game, the team must trust, discuss and cooperate with each other.
In the game, each team discuss together, in the team members of the tacit cooperation, work together to complete the game. In the following game links and work, I believe that we will tacit cooperation, to complete the task.

Dragon Boat Festival group construction activities of “beads travel thousands of miles”

Dragon Boat Festival Group Building Activity “Grabbing a Bench”

The first three games test the mutual trust between team members, communication and collaboration ability between teams, and team support.

Through the front 3 simple games, there has been a very good understanding between each other.

The following is into a classic game – tug of war! Twist into a rope, the strength to a place.
The Dragon Boat Festival group construction activities “The tug of war”

Finally, it’s time for the exciting loop! Follow a few plastic rings in order to see who wins the grand prize!
Dragon Boat Festival group building activities “the ring”

So far, our Dragon Boat Festival group building games have been a successful end. Next, Chairman Xie made a brief speech to express his expectations for the second half of the year.

In addition, we have a special segment today. It’s for those of us who have birthdays between January and June to celebrate their birthdays. Wish them: Happy birthday, happy every day!

Finally, in the laughter, everyone orderly to receive their own Dragon Boat Festival gifts, happily opened their own Dragon Boat Festival holiday, we believe that the FAYGO UNION, the future can be scheduled, every friend colleagues customers, the future can be scheduled!

Looking forward to a better meeting next time!