In the hot summer, in order to enable customers to receive our equipment as soon as possible, even the high temperature could not stop the enthusiasm of the staff of Faygo Union to load the containers. On this day, the staff worked hard to load three containers.

The equipment sent to India and Malaysia are PVC one out of two pipe lines and CPVC pelleting machine, one of which is CPVC pelleting machine, the following is a small series to give you a brief introduction to this equipment.

CPVC granulator

This equipment is low energy consumption, high output, new design of special CPVC granulation mold, simple operation, large working flexibility, easy maintenance, greatly increase the service life of the equipment. Put an end to the phenomenon of particles sticking to the mold, greatly reduce the probability of stopping to clear the mold, reduce the labor intensity of workers.

Of course, if you have other equipment needs, you can also contact us, we can also provide customized services for you.

For disease prevention and control at present, foreign customers can not directly to the factory inspection, want to see your purchase equipment, so Faygo Union can video online inspection is put forward, a live test equipment, customers in the online inspection process, the equipment can be scrutinized every detail, for customers to worry about the details.

After testing the equipment, Faygo Union will arrange the delivery, despite the heat, the pace will not stop.

When customers receive our equipment, we also can help customers to online debugging equipment, for customers to use equipment to solve trouble back at home, although because of the outbreak, we can’t to the customer factory debugging equipment for the customer, but our service will not because the outbreak at a discount, as long as there is any problem, Faygo Union will be online for customers to solve!

If you have other related questions, you can directly call: 0086-13394191191, we will always provide you with quality service!