Golden Autumn October

Harvest season

Client’s investment and

the efforts of the staff of the Flying Pigeon Federation

Bear fruit

Box by box

Piece by piece

Flying around the world

Shipping is high-quality equipment

What is delivered is energy and blessings

Morning delivery

PVC profile production line

SJ series single screw extruder mainly apply to extrude PP, PE, PET, PVC, ABS, PS, PA etc material. It adopt special special gear box, and has features of low noisy, stable running, high carrying capacity, long service life. Equipped with different mold and auxiliary equipments, it could produce plastic pipe, sheet, board, granules and so on. It has features of   simple process, high output, stable extrusion pressure, and low cost.

To: Greece

Product name: PVC profile production line

Diameter: 65MM

Pipe: PVC

Power: 22KW

Afternoon delivery

20mm-75mm PVC Double Pipe Line

PVC double pipe production line is mainly used for producing PVC conduit pipe, diameter from 16mm to 40mm, 16mm to 63mm. It consists of SJSZ Series extruder, double pipe mold, double pipe vacuum tank, double pipe drawing and cutting machine, stacker. It can produce two pipe at one time to achieve high production effficiency.

To: Cote d’Ivoire

Product name: 20MM-75MM double pipe production line

Diameter: 65-132MM

Pipe: PVC


With the blessings and hopes of the Faygo union, the high-quality equipment of the two containers is about to be put into the embrace of customers~~ I hope they can play the greatest value and contribute to the society! And Faygo union will continue to practice our philosophy-Making good machine, being good person! Help Made in China and help the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation!