The annual CHINAPLAS is coming soon. The friends of Faygo union are going to Shenzhen with equipments.

The exhibition information
CHINAPLAS has been listed as “UFI Approved Exhibition” by the Global Association of Exhibition Industry (UFI). Since 2006, CHINAPLAS has been recognized by the Global Association of Exhibitions (UFI) as a plastic and rubber industry fair. This shows that CHINAPLAS is of excellent quality in terms of internationality, professional service of exhibitors and visitors, and systematic project management.

The exhibition site
Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center
(1 Zhancheng Road, Fuhai Street, Bao ‘an District, Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province)

The exhibition time

In this exhibition, we carried two types of equipment in two booths, respectively:
Bottle-blowing Hall: Booth No. 2G51
Plastic Extrusion Hall: Booth No. 8R45

Bottle blowing machine:
The booth no.2G51

Plastic Extrusion machine:Faygo uion Machinery: FG series bottle blowing machine, single mode speed can reach 1500 ~ 1800BPH. FG series bottle blowing machine currently includes three models: FG4 (4 cavities), FG6 (6 cavities), FG8 (8 cavities), the maximum speed can reach 15000BPH. In order to meet the market demand, Faygo union has developed a high-speed machine FGX series bottle blowing machine, the single mode speed can reach 2500 ~ 3000BPH.

FGX series bottle blowers currently include three models: FGX4 (4 cavities), FGX6 (6 cavities) and FGX8 (8 cavities), the maximum speed can reach 20,000 BPH. This series of models mainly produce PET plastic bottles, pure water, mineral water PET bottles, beverage bottles.

It is completely independently developed with our own intellectual property rights and has received 13 national patents. The model carried in this exhibition is: FGX4 (4 cavities), the single mode speed can reach 3000BPH, the output is 12000BPH.

Plastic Extrusion machine:
The booth No. 8R45

The equipment carried by Faygo union in this exhibition is PVC transparent pipe equipment, which is mainly used for the production of transparent PVC pipe. The high transparency of the pipe makes it possible to observe the internal situation of the pipe from the appearance of the pipe, which is widely used in the sheath of wire and cable, chemical industry, engineering and other industries.

Welcome to the booth of Faygo union to explore the secrets of machinery with us. The friends of Faygo union will welcome every visiting customer with full marks of enthusiasm and professionalism.
Customers who cannot make it to the event can also go to FaygoplastChina, the FaygoplastChina Facebook page for a live broadcast of the event.