Faygo Union’s big fish installed and adjusted the bottle blowing machine for four customers in two countries, the United States and Mexico in two months. Who is this big bish?

The first stop, the United States

The Customers of FG6 bottle blowing machine

It is the first time for the customer to do water line, the workshop is new, and the water and electricity need to be installed. So the customer can only connect the machine and the pipeline.

The customer said that the use of high-power electricity in the United States needed to be applied in advance, and the approval time was very long. Finally, we could only rent a generator, and we test the machine.

The machine has been tested, two sets of molds have been tried, and the customer has been systematically trained. The customer is very satisfied with our machine.
The Customers of FG4 bottle blowing machine

Due to the high cost of labor in the United States, the customer’s workshop has fewer employees and requires a high degree of stability and automation of the machine. The customer had no previous contact with the bottle blowing machine, so after trying the machine for the customer, a long time of training was done. After the training, the customer can operate the machine by himself, and can independently troubleshoot some simple faults, can carry on the maintenance of the machine, the customer is very satisfied with the performance of this machine.

The second stop, the ink and the west

The Customers of FG6 bottle blowing machine

This is a new production line opened by them. The only machine in the whole line is our bottle blowing machine. Their person in charge said that other machines would be in place in a month, so we had to install our own machines first.

To test the stability of the machine, the customer blew 30,000 bottles continuously. And carries on the professional test to the bottle, through the test customer is very satisfied with the machine. We trained our customers on machine operation and lubrication maintenance as well as some common trouble shooting. And made some faults for customers to eliminate, to ensure that customers can use the machine independently.

The Customers of FG8 bottle blowing machine

This customer provides after-sales service here, and their machines are mainly European ones. They have used the FG8 bottle blowing machine of Flying Pigeon Union for one year, and it is in good running condition now. In addition to helping them adjust the machine during this period, the main job is to give them training. To give them a more comprehensive view of our machines. The client is very nice, very warm.

This business trip for 2 months to serve 4 customers, the Faygo Union’s big fish, the praise rate of 100%, is our Henry – engineer He, Customers’ support is our driving force, we are committed to provide customers with better machines, better service!