Busy at the end of the year, frequent delivery, today we shipped the equipment is one out of two PVC pipe line, first have a look at the basic information of this equipment!
2 pipes PVC production line
PVC one out two extruder can produce two pipe lines at the same time, with special design, high output. The production line includes tapered twin screw extruder, PVC one out two extruder die, double tube vacuum shaping box, double traction double cutting unit and double tube stacking rack. The diameter of the extruded pipe is 20-63mm, and the output is 200kg/h.

Q.The advantages of 2 pipes PVC production line?
1, Extruder: Conical twin screw extruder, unique design, short plasticizing time, good mixing performance, excellent plasticizing effect.

2, Gearbox: the use of high quality gear box, reducer, beautiful appearance, smooth operation, low noise, long service life.

3, Extrusion cylinder temperature control system: using cast aluminum heater and stainless steel shell, wind cooling system, to ensure good cooling and heating, accurate temperature control characteristics.

4, screw and cylinder: screw installed internal temperature control system, cylinder equipped with vacuum degassing system, can eliminate the waste gas generated from raw materials, to ensure the high quality of products.

5, Drive system: the use of well-known brand motor, the use of Helip or ABB frequency converter to provide stable torque output and a variety of speeds.

6.Vacuum setting groove: there are two vacuum chambers, which can ensure perfect round tube, spray water cooling, equipped with temperature controller, automatic discharge of water, the main groove made of stainless steel, long service life.

7. Traction machine: 2 claws, 3 claws, 4 claws, 6 claws, 8 claws, suitable for all kinds of pipes, traction motor using Helip or ABB frequency converter.
8, cutting unit: saw cutting, planetary cutting, equipped with dust removal system.

9, stacking system: automatic turnover, can be free to correct the length of the pipeline.

10, Control system: manual console or Siemens PLC touch screen control.

Even near the end of the year, frequent shipments, but before each shipment, the staff will still be well prepared in advance, the protection of each piece of equipment, to avoid collision in the process of transportation. On the day of the official loading, the staff will supervise and assist on the spot to do a good job in every step before delivery.