Say goodbye to the summer cicadas and the hot August, and usher in a brand new September. In order to have a better start in the new season, all the employees of the FaygoUnion Fanciers will gather together, and the fourth quarter of the competition is about to kick off…

Take you into the fourth quarter of the FaygoUnion

This event is divided into four groups to compete separately to test the team’s cooperation, coordination, combat effectiveness, and the anxious situation. Which team will stand out and win the battle repeatedly. Let’s take a look at everyone’s live performance. …

Let’s appreciate the wonderful moments that everyone united is the goal.

Why are we fighting?

In order to meet a better self! For a better tomorrow!

To further the career! For a happy family!

In order to provide customers with better products and services!

In order to be a good machine and be a good man!

Only with goals can there be motivation to strive forward~

So all of us went into battle!

With the passage of time and the end of the event, the commander-in-chief of the event made a summary speech for the contest and sent good wishes to the participants. I hope that all departments can also hand in a satisfactory answer sheet and live up to expectations. We must be able to concentrate our efforts and climb the peak again!

May the beauty come as scheduled, and may your efforts not be disappointed.

FaygoUnion Being Good Person,Making Good Machine., and they will always be worthy of your trust!